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I finally tracked down the real punchline: the Rental Agreement Addendum I had to sign to indicate that I was aware of the asbestos in the ceilings; fortunately, the thing doesn't absolve FirstPacific of their criminal reckless endangerment every time their ceilings erupt.

Welcome to a property owned and controlled by:
First Pacific Investments
870 North Point Suite A
San Francisco, California 94109
Tel (415) 409-6200
Fax (415) 409-6300

Our story begins on 14th May 2004, when my ceiling started to rain on me. Which I mentioned to the manager, who came out to look at it and explain that the reason it was raining on me was that the people upstairs, having been evicted, had turned on all their water and frozen it into a glacier with the airconditioner. Which was a pretty good trick, since my airconditioner didn't actually work yet: it being only 14th May and the temperature outside getting only into the nineties during the day, they hadn't yet switched over from the heater here. Also, the fact that I smoke had something to do with the glacier melting on me now. She says.
Let's go through this image by image, shall we?